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Curry Smell Odor Removal

How to get rid of the curry smell in apartments or homes?
Curry is a complex combination of spices and/or herbs, usually including fresh or dried hot chilies;
and the actual type of curry in various with ethnic groups.

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Nonetheless, curry is a type of aromatic, slow cooking that literally spreads through the house for a lengthy period of time.
This accounts for the curry smell lingering long after the former “Curry-Loving Tenants” have left the premises.
You need to clean the stove, fans, and cupboards around the stove with a degreaser before we do an Ozone treatment.
Normally treatment will take 48 hours to complete.

Curry Smell Odor removal

A professional grade ozone machine is the only proven way to get rid of the smell of curry.
The machine creates ozone (O3), which is an unstable molecule that quickly breaks down into oxygen (O2).
The breaking down process is actually a chemical reaction that naturally neutralizes odors.

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The same thing happens during a lightning storm under the right circumstances–this is the fresh smell that you may have experienced outside after a bad storm.
It is not safe to be in a room while a real ozone machine is running, but the ozone quickly breaks down and you can enter again.

But if your problem is from current neighbors who cook with curry, the smell WILL come back every time they cook.
Please note that apartments, houses, condos, etc. are not built to be air-tight, so some smells will transfer.

How to get rid of the curry smell in apartments or homes?

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1. Deep clean all house with a hydrogen peroxide solution, that means walls, floor, Windows, ceiling if possible, furniture, kitchen cabinets inside/out. Stove/oven must professionally deep be cleaned – including behind of kitchen appliances. Replace all lightbulbs.

2. carpets must be professionally deep cleaned or even better replaced. it recommended installing new carpet after ozone treatment.

3. Deep clean (please use professional service) all ductwork including the inside of HVAC unit. otherwise, every time you turn on HVAC you will be greeted strong curry smell.

4. Ozone treatment will work best to remove any smell lingering around. Technical will determine how long treatment will take – on average it takes to complete 48 hours very high level of Ozone concentration. Be careful – during treatment time no one should be in the house – including pets, plants, etc. Ozone is harmful to the oxidizer and should be taken seriously.

5. If needed additionally house should be treated with H2O2 fogging.

6. After all, that house should be repainted with oil-based paint or Kitz primer to ensure smell never comes back.

Through Ozone Shock Treatment, CE Odor Removal has shown proven success for eliminating the unpleasant smell from any home or business building. We are specialized in cigarette, tobacco, cigar smoke, food smells, curry, burned food odor removal.

Many people ask how much total will us cost to get rid of curry smell in the house – Ozone treatment starts from $ 600, Duct and HVAC deep cleaning $350, Painting $2000 – $4000. everything depends on the size of the house and level of odor.

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