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Consider selling a house?

Consider selling a house?
First impression is important. Seller of the property should make potential buyer feel welcome, safe and comfortable in the house.
How? It is worth to invest into expensive staging and major renovations?
Lets look into the root of the situation. The Home Seller goal is to sale property fast and on the top of the possible price.
That’s why let’s start from the beginning. It does not worth to invest into major renovations because it never brings 100% money back. Return on investment into major kitchen/ bathroom renovation is usually 30-70% from money spend on it. And what is about the precious lost time on demolition and reno? Time is the money

House flipping is a totally different animal which we won’t discuss in this article.
Staging is a pricy investment as well. It will probably cost the seller 2000-5000$/per month in fancy like from magazine rental furniture for the whole house. Yes, walked-in buyer will have WOW factor for sure. However, buyer is not stupid and understands that this furniture does not give any extra value to the property. And if the price tag is artificially high jacketed due to staging cost… house probably will seat on a market … Again, seller will lose valuable time on the market. “Traffic on such boosted properties might be high. People want to take a look at well-staged house and pick some ideas for their own home. However, the key word is “Just take a look”, saying Kate Reddy, Maryland Realtor. As a buyer-agent, I always explain to such clients that price of the house potentially can be out of our range; moreover, similar properties sold in same neighborhood much cheaper. That’s why high traffic on the house most likely will be not efficient, and won’t bring serious buyer.

What helps to sale a house? Answer is the Price and Condition of the property.
When the buyer makes a decision to stop by at the house, he already judged your property before they even walk through the door. Most probably the buyer-agent already made price evaluation, and provided market situation in the subdivision. The seller job at this point is to make buyer fee that this property is a HOME.

What we call a Home? It is the place where we feel safe and comfortable.

1. Use neutral-color paint. It creates a blank canvas where buyer can start visualizing their own style.

2. Spend little money wisely and buy one fancy stainless steel appliance for your kitchen. Yes, only one? Because when people appreciate one high-end appliance they somehow think the rest of kitchen is expensive too. We just need one eye-catching appliance which will seat deep into memory even after buyer leaves the house.

3. De-personalize it. Take away all pictures, religious objects, and personal keepsakes. Moreover, hire a professional odor removal company. Any house has very specific smell, which homeowner does not feel after some time, but the buyer will catch it right away. We don’t want any negative emotions to form in the buyer’s heard from a smell of your pets, or favorite cooking spices. De-personalization from odor is important. Smell is not invisible, but it influences our emotions and mood a lot. Otherwise perfume industry would get bankrupt long time ago. Don’t mask odor in the house with cheap apple-cinnamon deodorant. Clean the house from odor with ozone. Everybody loves how it smells good after rain in the morning. Create same comfortable aroma in the house with fogging services and 24h ozone treatment.

4. Maximize the light in your home. Just increase of the wattage of your light bulbs. It will make a huge difference.

5. Price the house right. Consider selling the house by owner with the help of MLS listing. By saving on real estate commission, you can drop the price of the house and create buyer’s shopping rush over the DEAL. You will find yourself stampeded by buyers with multiple bids over the Super DEAL house. Most probably they’ll even bid up the price tag over what the house is worth. It takes real courage to accept such brave marketing strategy. Even though, homeowners don’t want to risk, it’s the single best working tactic to sell a home in today’s market.

Information provided by http://homeforsalebyownermd.com/


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